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Can You Get a Deeper Sleep Using Bedding from Sheep?

March 09 2015

We think so. And we're not alone. Here's a bit of the "why" behind choosing natural wool for better rest.

A lower heart rate = deeper state of relaxation
A study at Polytechnic University of Wales did a study on skin temperature, and the temperature and humidity of the air next to the skin while people slept under several kinds of comforters.

This study showed that those people who slept under wool comforters, had lower heart rates and they stayed lower for the duration of those sleeps. A lowered heart rate indicates a deeply relaxed state.

On feathers & fillers
The same study compared feather-filled and synthetic-filled comforters had no effect on lowering the heart rates in the sleepers. No diminished quality of sleep, but no improved quality either.

Wool regulates your body temp and insulates accordingly
It's built to breathe, wick, regulate and insulate.

Imagine woolly sheep on a rainy chilly pasture. They're outside grazing, sleeping and playing even in the rain and cold. Wool breathes, wicks, regulates and insulates these lovely animals. Wool does the same for us when we safely shear, card, and clean their wool in warmer times and create comforters from those fibers.

Natural wool fleece fibers are tightly crimped, and air between the fibers actually the retains warmth between the fibers when needed. It also automatically absorbs moisture away from the skin when we begin to perspire in sleep. It does this before we even know we're too warm or perspiring.

Before you shy away with idea of heavy and scratchy wool...
Our watchwords for wool are: Clean, soft, fluffy. The wool we source from local sheep and our century-old local mill is the cleanest and softest wool we've found. We're incredibly lucky to have them all so close
"The guiding principle of earlier years, “the thicker and heavier the duvet, the better the level of thermal insulation”, has been disproved by tests at Hohenstein..." (Hohenstein Institute tests textiles of all kinds relating to clothing and bedding physiology.)

It's what's inside that counts
If you stuffed one of our comforter casings with linen or corduroy, it would be heavier than wool, but probably not as warm.

You could also put synthetic filler into a casing, but you'd be missing out on all the additional benefits of using natural wool. Plus, you'd be breathing in any synthetic chemicals used to create and pretreat those fillers as well.

Soft fluffy wool is the magic ingredient here.
It's simply built to regulate body temperatures, wick moisture away and insulate as needed. Simply. Easily. Naturally.

A matter of preference
Some folks do prefer a heavier or lighter-weight comforter without much regard to insulation or warmth generated. It's the weight, not the warmth, for them.

We understand that. At Holy Lamb Organics we develop our comforter products with fluffy natural clean wool in different weights to account for preferences.

There are different amounts of wool in each of our comforter products. That said, most customers choose our
Perfect Comfort Comforter temperature weight.


Additional benefits of wool in the bedroom
You may feel more able to relax in a clean room on a clean bed.

While wool bedding won't prevent dust or get out the vacuum cleaner for you,
wool is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and dust mites can't survive in wool bedding.

So if you're allergic to mites, or just a little freaked out at the thought of them, you'll definitely breathe deeper and sleep easier with wool filled and organic cotton cased pillows, comforters and even a mattress.

Natural wool bedding lowers heart rates, promoting deeper rest and states of relaxation so your sleep is the best you can get. You'll love falling asleep in your beautiful bed, and you'll awaken with the full benefits a deep restorative sleep will bring.

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News

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