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Holy Lamb Organics

Raw Materials


Wool Scrap 2 Lbs
Happy Lamb Fleece 3 to 4 inches by 2 yds
Happy Lamb Fleece 5 to 6 inches by 2 yds
Happy Lamb Fleece 7 to 8 inches by 2 yds
OG Cotton Fabric Strips- Handful
OG Cotton Fabric Panels 24 in. wide x 10 yards
Wool Moisture Barrier 7 to 8 inches by 2 yds
Happy Lamb Fleece 10" by 14" Bundle of 5

$ 15.00

Perfect for crafting and DIY. Our daily production process results in a small quantity of scrap and leftover material. We let nothing go to waste and offer these raw materials for you to use in creative projects.

Wool – The same premium eco wool batting you’ll find in our beautiful handmade products. Sold in 2-lb. increments.

Wool Moisture Barrier – The wool is tightly woven and slightly felted, resulting in a naturally water repellent fabric that’s soft yet durable and easy to sew. 72” long and available in two widths – 5-6” and 7-8”.

Happy Lamb Fleece – Lush and soft Premium Eco Wool woven into a cotton knit backing. Sew individual pieces together with a simple whipstitch on the back side.

  • Length - 72" total. Depending on availability, this may be achieved by providing you multiple pieces that add up to 72". No individual piece will be shorter than 20".
  • Width - Choose 3-4”, 5-6”, or 7-8”.

Organic Sateen Fabric Strips – Strips range from 1.5-2” wide and from 5-18” in length. Sold in quantities of approximately 10 strips.

Organic Sateen Fabric Panels – 24” by 10 yards.

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Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News

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