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Holy Lamb Organics

Customer Testimonials

Wool Pillows

“I purchased a wool extra thick pillow. I absolutely love it! My new pillow gives me the neck support I need to get a good night sleep. I wake up every morning pain free! Thanks, so much for such a wonderful product!”
Elk Point, SD

“I love my wool pillow. It’s just the right density. My husband didn’t understand why I wanted to replace my cheap polyester pillow. However, he’s been stealing my new wool pillow every night!”

“Pillows are always important for me. I have a lot of headaches and the woolen pillows work well for me.”

New York, NY

“Before these pillows, we would wake up in the morning and be stuffed up. Since sleeping on these pillows, we can breathe clearly on awakening.”
Plainfield, VT

“I am very pleased with my purchase. My pillow is very comfortable and keeps me cooler with the organic wool in the pillow.”
Sterling, CO

"I have a "Light Fill" pillow now which I love!"

“I bought the heaviest wool fill pillow you sell. For years now, I have had a problem with my shoulder/back muscles freezing up do to bad sleeping position of my neck. I have NOT had such problems since I bought your pillow.”
Jamaica Plain, MA

“I have one of the regular and one of the "down" pillows, as my husband and I have different preferences. I like that I can punch and fluff my woolley down pillow. He likes that his is more solid under his head. We both sleep much better on our wool pillows than any others we have owned.”
Friday Harbor, WA

"I am very satisfied. The pillows are very soft and so comfortable that I am ordering more as well as the quality of the bed sheets are outstanding so far. I was surprised at how soft the pillows were and how easy they were to clean and use. The regular fills are perfect for my kids and my husband and I use the thicker fills. They support and hold my head better than regular pillows."
Olympia, WA

“I love my new Holy Lamb Organics pillow. After just two nights of sleeping on my new pillow my neck and upper back pain has completely gone away. The pillow is very comfortable and my sleep is better too.”
Seattle, WA

“I absolutely love my pillows. I am actually enjoying more restful sleep as a result... The fact that it is all natural makes feel even cozier; it feels like I am back in time when people relied more on just what the earth provided.”
San Francisco, CA

Woolley “Down” Pillows

“I have a woolley "down" pillow (little tufts of wool) and I love has the flexibility of down but it's wool. Brilliant.”

"I like the option to change how much fill is in pillow by adding or subtracting nibs. Made in the US and wool is from the U.S.”
Middletown, DE

“I am so happy with my Woolly Down pillow. I have TMJ and from the first night sleeping on the pillow, I noticed an improvement. Before, I would wake up most mornings with sore jaws. That has all but disappeared since sleeping on the Woolly Down pillow. Morning congestion has almost disappeared also. I have a feeling when I can replace my mattress with one of yours, that will improve even more. Also, an unexpected benefit is that the dreaded "bed head" after sleeping all night is no more. Even my hair is seeing an improvement!"
Maineville, OH

“I am very happy with my purchase of the Woolley Down Pillow. It's the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on. It is so comfortable and I seem to sleep deeper and don't wake up with congestion in my sinuses."
Maineville, OH

“I like my “down” pillow because it does not clump and is nice and fluffy still and the comforter is wonderful, I am looking forward to winter when I use it again: light in weight, cozy warm to snuggle into!”
Greeley, CO

Wool Wrapped Latex

"The pillow is the most comfortable head pillow I've ever owned."
San Francisco, CA

"It is the only pillow I feel comfortable sleeping on and doesn't feel weird for my body on any level! My family members try to steal it from me too. We obviously need to get more."
Olympia, WA

“(The pillow) has truly altered my sleeping experience. It is so incredibly soft, both the fabric and the overall softness of the pillow. I look forward to laying my head on it each night."
San Francisco, CA

"We LOOOOOOOOVE our new pillows...sleep has never been so yummy."
Centralia, WA

Neck Support: Neck Roll

“I have two different kinds of wool pillows and a neck roll. I love the "flatter" pillow and use the fluffier one to bolster my upper body when I'm reading in bed. I use the neck pillow to support my head (I place it to the side of my head) when I sleep on my back, using the flatter wool pillow.”
Oakton, VA

“I have a lot of neck pain from pillows that were not the right density, but this pillow seems to be perfect and provides a very comfortable sleep- I never have to adjust my pillow at night."
Austin, TX

Neck Support: Orthopedic Pillow

"I have a neck injury that makes me finicky about pillows. Down and Tempur-Pedic pillows are too hot and cause disk inflammation. This is the first pillow I've found that has 2 internal contours like a posturpedic pillow. It's the most comfortable I've found anywhere."
San Francisco, CA

“I bought the neck pillow and it is so wonderful and soothing, I have a neck injury that flares up and I cannot wait to go to bed and lay on the pillow! The orthopedic neck pillow is so comfortable and soft and fresh. I have had it for a few weeks and could not imagine sleeping without it!”
Staten Island, NY

“I have an orthopedic pillow and I love it. I bought it for my husband but I have been using it for the last 2 weeks while he has been away. I don't know if he will be getting it back.”
Cooper Landing, AK

"I have the orthopedic neck pillow and I love it. It is just right level-wise. I think I wake up less, I used to wake up to re-fix my old pillow at least 2-3 times a night."
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

“My orthopedic pillow provides outstanding neck and head support without the unpleasant synthetic feel. It breathes, so not too hot or cold. I’m most grateful for who you are and what you do.”
Dousman, WI

“Yes, it’s the best ergo/orthopedic pillow I’ve ever used. Normally ergo/orthopedic pillows are toxic, and natural pillows are not ergo, so it’s great that you’ve actually combined the best of both!”

“Out of all the other orthopedic pillow I've tried (chiropractic pillows, tempurpedic) this one has been the most comfortable. The support of your orthopedic pillow is perfect!”

“Trying to reduce nighttime neck discomfort and pillow heat, I knew I wanted a contoured wool-wrapped-in-cotton pillow. Taking price, construction, and appearance into consideration, it was easy to make a good decision from your helpful website.”
Wichita, KS

Zippered Covers

“Being severely chemically sensitive, it is wonderful to find organic wool pillows, and pillow covers, that allow me to sleep without any allergic reactions.”
Dunsmuir, CA

Body Pillows: Body Pillow

“I was struck by the high quality of every element of my body pillow (the fabric, the stuffing, the stitching, etc.). The packaging was very sweet and a nice touch.”
Iowa City, IA

"I LOVE my two regular bed pillows and REALLY love my body pillow. Your company is wonderful. You truly care for others (sheep included!) and that's why I chose you. Keep up the great work and the caring."
Kure Beach, NC

“Love them! I sleep with a Holy Lamb wool pillow at my head and a Holy Lamb wool body pillow. They're pleasant year round. I've had them for a couple of years and they're keeping their shapes nicely!”
Brooklyn Park, MD

“My new body pillow is so comfy, I'm only 3 months pregnant, but I've always been a stomach sleeper and it has become too uncomfortable, so the body pillow makes it much easier to get comfortable."
Denver, CO

Body Pillows: Buddy Pillow

“I am crazy about my Buddy pillow– not too big and not too small, keeps my knees, ankles and hips from fighting each other during the night (now my husband wants one).”
Gig Harbor, WA

"Just wanted to let you know that we received our order yesterday. Oh my goodness! How wonderful it all is. So beautifully crafted and amazingly comfy! Thank you!"
-Jessee P.
Soquel, CA

Children’s & Toddler Pillows

“Love our pillows!! Perfect amount of cush, we sleep soundly and our son who has respiratory problems often at night, hasn't had an episode since we've made the switch! Thank you for providing a quality, durable and timeless product. Please don't ever stray from the integrity that you have established!...Thank you again :)”
Hillsboro, OR

“My son has a lot of allergies, and is pillow doesn't bother him at all. Great success!”
Friday Harbor, WA

“We bought the pillow for my son, but I get to use it every once in awhile when reading books to him. It's wonderful! And he sleeps on this pillow where he wouldn't use the previous one he had (not one of yours)."

“The wool pillow is very comfortable. My daughter tried it and now she is begging me to buy one for her also.”

Lenoir, NC

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News

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