Holy Lamb Organics

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Plastic Free Packaging

We are committed to plastic-free & zero-waste business practices.

You won’t find bubbles, airbags or fillers in with our products when you open your order. As a large volume manufacturer we have consciously chosen not to wrap our products in plastic (unless it is a plastic bag we already have from our manufacturing process), thereby saving a substantial amount of plastic consumables from the planet’s waste stream.

Plastic is forever, it will not go away; there is no "away". We hope you can appreciate this choice though it is not the norm.

This doesn’t mean your order isn’t securely packaged and sent. We make sure that your order is sent in well-packed, sturdy boxes, with all seams sealed tight.

Some comforters and toppers (except crib sizes) are now packaged in plastic recycled from our wool batting bagsWe believe that reusing this plastic one more time for our larger products will not only help protect them during shipping but puts to good use the plastic from our manufacturing process thereby giving it one more life. We encourage you to recycle this plastic bag. 

For those of you that wish to have additional security or have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity to the materials listed above, you can call or email us to request to have your order secured inside a compostable non-gmo corn Bio-Bag and sealed airtight.


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Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News