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Holy Lamb Organics

Frequently Asked Questions

Care instructions for Holy Lamb Organics Products

You'll find care instructions for all Holy Lamb Organics products on our product pages. In addition, full care instructions for all products are available here.

Do I need to wash my bedding before I use it?

No, your wool bedding is ready to use. There’s no need to wash it unless it’s your preference. Our production facility is scent free, and there are no chemicals or animals onsite.

How do I immediately treat spills and other accidents?

  • Blot the soiled area
  • Hand wash the specific area where the stain is concentrated before attempting to wash the entire comforter
  • Follow the care instructions provided with your product
  • In the soaking stage, add a dose of live cultured enzymes (try Bac Out by Biokleen) to the water and let your bedding soak
  • Continue in accordance with the care instructions

Can I put my wool bedding in the dryer?

No, we don’t recommend putting your items in the dryer. Drape items in the sun or a warm place to dry.

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Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News

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