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What is Carbonization of Wool?

Carbonization is a type of scouring, or cleaning, that employs a chemical bath.

The Chemical Bath

The bath includes Hydrochloric Acid, to be specific, plus other chemicals. In some
cases, for recycled wool, carbonization also includes an additional bath in Sulfuric Acid to remove dyes.


We’re not doing it.
Though it’s common industry practice for cleaning wool, at Holy Lamb Organics, we
refuse to do it. And we don’t work with those who do.

We feel the chemicals are:

● harmful
● don’t fit in our realm with our position as a natural bedding manufacturer
● damaging to the final wool fibers

We Still Use the Cleanest Wool, Naturally

“How?” you may ask.

The wool processed at our trusted mill is scoured many times with hot water and special soap, like many other mills do.

But this is the difference: our wool carded several more times at our mill.

Carding, is a sort of “brushing” process that does two things:

1. it loosens and releases any additional debris, dirt or vegetable matter from the wool, without stripping the fiber or removing the lanolin.

2. it shifts the wool fibers so they are all “running” in the same direction. (Like you might imagine fish that are all swimming in the same direction).

This makes for a beautifully smooth wool batting for us - and optimal natural bedding products for you.

Our mill uses time-honored, non-chemical cleaning processes and has the cleanest wool we’ve seen offered. And, trust us, we’ve looked.

Itchy Wool

Have you ever tried on a wool sweater that was so incredibly itchy-scratchy you couldn’t wait to take it off? This is, in part, due to carbonization, which rips off the tiny hair follicles on the strands of wool and makes them brittle and ragged, causing the wool to be itchy.

The carbonization process also strips away all of the natural lanolin which keeps the wool soft and supple.

NO Carbonization Means:

- No harmful chemicals, with no presumed residues left in the wool
- Naturally resilient clean, beautiful wool, with lanolin intact
- Wool fibers are soft, supple and naturally clean, with good “bounce” so are a perfect choice for organic bedding.
- The wool we use is cleaned with hot water, bio-degradable soap and additional carders for optimal pure wool.

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News