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Local Eco Wool

There are 3 main things you should know about our wool:

  1. The vast majority of the wool we use is locally sourced domestic wool.
  2. Our wool is part of our Sustainable Wool Program.
  3. We work with a mill that only produces the best, cleanest and purest quality wool.

Our Sustainable Wool Program

Locally Sourced:
Our wool is sourced locally from small USA sheep farmers on the West Coast. The majority of wool used in the bedding industry is imported from New Zealand and Australia, greatly undermining our own local farms and our economy. Support local wool!

Sustainable Practices:
The USA farmers who grow our wool practice sustainable farming practices- healthy choices that are good for people, land and animals. In turn, for following these best practices, the farmers are paid a fair price for their wool. It is a win win situation for everyone. For specific sustainable practices, please see Our Wool Mill.

High Quality Clean Wool:
Not all wool is the same. It depends on the machinery. Our mill produces the cleanest wool we’ve found, due their exceptional carding process. It employs additional breakers to produce a dust free and virtually vegetable matter free wool. We deliver the highest quality organic bedding to you and your loved ones.

Non-Itchy, Not Carbonized, Not Bleached:
Our wool does NOT go through a carbonization process nor is sheep dipping involved and it’s never bleached. We use a Medium-Fine wool blend which is the best loft for bedding and it’s not an itchy wool.

Our Wool Blends

The majority of our products use Premium-Eco Wool™ batting- our signature wool blend. Please see our Materials List for definitions of all of our materials, their sources and specs.

A Word About Organic Wool:

We believe supporting USA sheep farmers through our Sustainable Wool Program is a more sustainable choice as a manufacturer. We stand by our wool mill, the high quality wool they produce and the rigorous third party testing it undergoes to ensure it’s purity. The mill is currently working to gather organic wool from USA sources. It’ll be a few years before there’s a steady supply. Read more on this topic.

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News