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Wool Pillows, Organic Pillows, Wool Body Pillows, Orthopedic Temperpedic Neck Pillows, Travel Pillows, Children's Pillows
Wool Pillows, Organic Pillows, Wool Body Pillows, Orthopedic Temperpedic Neck Pillows, Travel Pillows, Children's Pillows
Wool comforters, Organic Comforters, Organic Cotton Duvet Covers
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"I wanted healthy bedding for our baby and after finding Holy Lamb Organics web site and reading what they offer I thought I would get that from them. I appreciate that you were willing to make a custom bassinet mattress for me. It's one of the best purchases I have made. Our baby seems happy with it too and sleeps very well on it. Now I want one for our bed! "

Port Charlotte, Florida


  • We make our baby bedding with only the finest organic materials of organic cotton fabric and Premium Eco-Wool batting.

  • All of our products are washable unless otherwise noted. Our wool items are washable using our special instructions.

  • All items by Holy Lamb Organics are hand made in the U.S.A.

    BABY ESSENTIALS: There are so many baby products out there these days. Which ones do you choose? As a new mother of an infant, here are the things I would not want to be without:

    Organic Mattress:  The most important thing you can do when choosing your baby's bedding is to make sure they are sleeping on a mattress that does not contain fire retardant chemicals. By law, all mattresses are required to contain fire retardant chemicals to ensure that the mattress will not go up in flames and while this is important, the chemicals themselves pose serious health risks. Our organic mattresses are wrapped with wool to make them naturally fire retardant and do not contain any of these harmful chemicals.

    Wool Topper: If an organic mattress is not in the immediate budget, the next best thing is to have your baby sleep on a mattress topper that will provide a natural sleeping surface.

    Puddle Pad Moisture Barrier: Made from 100% organic wool these puddle pads will prevent any moisture from coming through to your mattress or topper. This is a great alternative to plastic vinyl.

    Nursing Pillow: Give your shoulders and upper body the support it needs while breastfeeding. This pillow boosts your baby to a higher level and allows both of you to nurse comfortably! This pillow also serves as a support for your baby while they are learning to sit up on their own.

    Body Pillow: This is your best friend while you are pregnant. The full body pillow allows you to be supported while sleeping on your side.

    Wool Comforter:  The baby blanket seems to be the most quintessential item. Wool comforters are unlike anything you have experienced. The outside fabric is a soft organic cotton sateen fabric filled with Premium Eco-Wool batting. The wool is amazing in its performance. It keeps you warm when needed and because it is so breathable it will also keep you cool. Both you and your baby will fall in love with this comforter. It was the best comfort measure I had during my labor and the only thing that could keep me warm enough. Wool comforters are available in Crib through King sizes.


- Bassinet Mattress
- Happy Lamb Fleece Topper
- Puddle Pad Moisture Barrier
- Bassinet Sheets
- Bassinet Bumper
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- Crib Mattresses
- Crib Mattress Toppers
- Puddle Pad Moisture Barrier
- Crib Sheets, Skirts, Duvets Covers
- Crib Bumpers & Covers
- Comforters & Blankets
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- Mattresses
- Mattress Toppers
- Moisture Barriers
- Sheets
- Bed Bumper

- Bo Peep Nursing Pillow
- Body Pillows
- Children's Travel Pillow
- Children's Bed Pillow
(See Wool Pillow "Light Fill")

- Changing Table Pad
- Puddle Pad Moisture Barriers
- On The Go Happy Lamb Fleece
- Wool Diaper Covers (coming soon)

- Hooded Towel
- Bath Mitts
- Wash Cloths


Upsourcing our
"scrap resources"

Purchase a product from our ReKindle Program and support environmental practices of reusing and recycling. All of these products are made using our "scrap resources" that would normally be thrown away. But we know that there is no "away". Plus, these organic morsels are precious and took a lot to be what they are today.

ReKindle Products:
- Baby Booties
- Woolley Wands
- Tooth Fairy Pillows
- Woollen Baby Balls

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