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Wool Pillows, Organic Pillows, Wool Body Pillows, Orthopedic Temperpedic Neck Pillows, Travel Pillows, Children's Pillows
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Clover plays with wool

Rhona sews a mattress top

Susie sews a crib mattress top

HLO team at Grand Opening: left to right
Andrea, Susie, Willow, Shari, Jenna, Ann

Ann & Jesse at Grand Opening Gala

Jenna serging a comforter encasement

Echo plays with wool

About Holy Lamb Organics

Holy Lamb Organics is a small manufacturing business dedicated to creating exceptional natural bedding products. We use sustainable practices and permaculture principles in every step of production. I founded this company in 2000 while on a backpacking trip in the Redwoods. Faced with purchasing a backpacking pillow that was 100% synthetic, the idea of an all natural pillow alternative was born. Throughout the trip the idea sprouted further and I returned home with a full business plan in my head.

We are currently in our 11th year of business. Our bedding line is featured in over 80 stores across the U.S and Canada. We employ 14 people. In 2008, we moved our company to Oakville, WA, a small town near the state's capital. The historic "Little Bit" general store was built in 1902 and served the Oakville community for over 80 years as a general store. It has been fully restored to its original glory with innovative additions such as natural green insulation for the first time and an organic community garden.

This Is What You Support When You Make A Purchase?

Our Sustainable Practices
~ the proof is in the pudding. This is what goes into our pudding:

  • 100% Zero Waste of Our Manufacturing By-Products: We reuse, recycle, or compost all the materials used in production. None of these precious raw materials ever enters a landfill. Why is this so vital? Because, there is "no away". For example, our smallest scraps of thread, wool and fabric are upcycled through the ReKindle Program. Anything that is too small to use is composted using a vermiculture system (worms!) or used as the bottom mulch layer for paths in our community garden. Larger and more useful scraps are placed in our Free Bin to giveaway or donate to schools who use our scraps to make dolls and other creative projects. For example, the Brightwater Waldorf School in Seattle used our fabric scraps that come from the Nursing Pillow production, to make sails for boats that they floated down a river. That just feels good!

  • Commitment to Sustainable & Organic: We offer only a line of natural bedding products. We never use any synthetics. We are not a big company who is offering just a "natural" line of bedding. We actually only use organic cotton fabrics as cotton is one of the top 3 most heavily sprayed crops in the world. Let's keep organics on the rise by committing to purchasing organic cotton products that do not rely on the use of herbicides, pesticides, and standard agribusiness practices such as GMOs. Instead, let's support the comeback of the small farmer who lives an enriched life and prefers to work with the land naturally. We also use the best and top of the line wool . All of our wool is grown by small U.S. sheep farmers who are part of the Premium Eco-Wool Program. You can read more about our
    organic cotton and our Premium Eco-Wool.

  • Chemical & Scent Free Facility: A good percentage of our customers count on our company to deliver products that are scent free. Multiple Chemical Sentitivity (MCS) is a concern for many of our customers and well as our employees. We guarantee that our facility is a dedicated scent free enviroment. Our employees come to work using only natural and scent free products. All of our cleaning products are natural. We also ask our customers to visit our facility scent-free.

  • Green Building Practices: Our commitment is to use natural building products and salvaged
    re-used building materials. Here are some examples of what we have done to date: We insulated the building for the first time! We chose a green insulation product called Aircrete for insulating the walls instead of fiberglass. It is so benign that you can eat it! We also used wool scraps to chink up any spaces in the 100+ year old walls. We are an avid supporter of purchasing reusable and salvaged building materials and have been able to source the majority of our materials used for our most recent remodel. For new wood, we support our friends at Wild Thyme Farm an FSC certified sustainable tree farm with a 150 acre immaculate forest. The woodwork is finished with a non-toxic natural wood finish.

  • Employee Practices & Benefits: Holy Lamb Organics provides 14 green jobs for this rural town which is in need of more employers. The majority of jobs available in this area are in the logging industry, the casino, or raising cows and hay. A large percentage of the community commute to larger cities for their livelihood. We are committed to producing in the U.S.A. instead of outsourcing to another country. Our employees receive a competitive wage and benefits in exchange for their tasks and skill sets. The Green Commuting Program offers cash incentives to carpool or bike to work. We all work on the community organic garden which provides solace, herbs, vegetables, fruit, tea, cut flowers and a sense of connection with nature while in a work environment. Holy Lamb Organics' low overhead location and dedication to our highly skilled workers, allows us to be in direct competition with organic products produced overseas.

    There are many more practices that we do every single day to help make the world a better place. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of who we are, what we are up to, and where we are heading.

    Thank you for considering our company. We hope to provide you with exceptional customer service and high quality handmade products. Feel free to contact us with questions or comments.


Willow Whitton
Holy Lamb Organics
Oakville, WA

"No dyes, no chemicals,
No synthetic fill and
No counting sheep!"

Mission Statement:
To promote health, well-being and to strengthen an economy based on ecology through a line of all-natural bedding products produced using sustainable and ecological practices. To exclusively use only organic cotton fabric and domestic wool local to the West Coast. We are proud
to be a zero waste company for all of our manufacturing by-products
and are committed to providing exceptional handmade quality
and customer service.

Our Invaluable Team

Back row left (standing): Laurel Wolff, Jesse Cruz, Sash Sunday,
Roy Mackey, Andrea Stitt, Susie Martens, Rhona Brown, Bobbi Jo Epperson
Seated: Laura Bale, Willow Whitton, Kelli Langer, Ann Curfman
Not pictured: Larry Curfman (behind the camera!)

Clover's sweet smiles  Skylar does desking

Historic "Little Bit" General Store restored

Organic Mattress Showroom

Sheep in pasture, pure, natural & domestic wool
Sheep out to pasture

Sheep named Ginger out in Pasture, pure, natural  & domestic wool
Ginger after shearing

Pillows & Comforters

Before restoration

Jenna hand stitching a comforter

Laura serging pillow encasements

Whitton family

Wool delivery

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