Oakville, Washington

Organic Mattress General Information

Visiting Our Showroom
Please stop by our showroom and manufacturing facility to try out our organic mattresses as well as all of our accessories: pillows, toppers, comforters, sheets, towels and the Cozy Buns Organic Baby Line. Also, see how we manufacture all of our in-house products. Please know that we are a SCENT-FREE Facility.

Organic Mattresses Currently In Our Showroom:

- Latex 7" in a variety of firmness ratings or "feel"

- Latex 10" in a variety of firmness ratings or "feel"

- Spring Tight Top: The Archetype

- Spring Pillow Top: The Archetype

- All Wool Mattress, 5"

- Bed Frame: California Beauty (slatted frame)

***If there is something specific you would like to see or purchase, please call our office prior to coming by to make sure we have it in stock: 

Showroom Hours:
Monday- Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturdays: 1st weekend of every
month open from 9:00-5:00
All others by appointment only.
Closed:  New Years Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas
We have a SCENT-FREE Facility. Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or strong smelling body care products.

Holy Lamb Organics
104 West Pine Street
Oakville, WA 98568

Directions:  From I-5 take Exit 88. Head West towards Rochester. Drive 12 miles passing through Grand Mound and Rochester. When you reach downtown Oakville, look for a big red building on your left that says "The Little Bit General Store" with our company logo.


We offer a few shipping options:
FREE if the mattress is delivered to our showroom at Holy Lamb Organics in Oakville, WA.
- Spring & Latex Mattresses: we offer Full Service Delivery which includes delivery, set up and removal of shipping debris. For specific pricing please see the specific mattress and size of your choice.
- All Wool Mattresses: Flat shipping fee of $200 to your door.

Naturally Fire Retardant

How can we offer a mattress without fire retardant chemicals? That's a great question because you may know that ALL mattresses by law are required to have added chemicals to make them flame retardant. Even organic cotton futon mattresses contain a high quantity of chemical fire retardants. The secret to our mattresses is that they are wrapped in thick layers of Eco-Wool which make them naturally fire retardant. This is the most important feature of all the organic mattresses we offer.

Ordering Samples & Sensitivity Kits

If you are local we encourage you to visit our showroom. See the top of this page for hours and store location.

All Wool Mattress Sample:  We send you a small 2'x3' sample of the All Wool Mattress for a $30 rebate. While it is not big enough to lie down on- it will give you a great sense of what this mattress is like, how it is constructed and the quality of the materials. Included is a return UPS shipping label. You have one week to check it out and then send it back. If you decide to order this mattress (Crib- King sizes) we will credit you the $30. Be aware that you must have a scent free environment in order to receive this sample into your home. It must be free of products like Febreze, Glade Plug Ins, other room deodorizers, incense, perfume/cologne, scented hand-creams, etc... Samples that come back scented will not only not be eligible for the $30 rebate but also will be subject to an additional fee.

Sensitivity Kits:  We offer free samples of all of the materials we use an instruction sheet of suggestions on how to tell if you are allergic to the materials. All materials are individually wrapped and sealed in a plastic bag.This is especially helpful for those who have Multiple Chemical Sensititiviy (MCS) and you are trying to see which materials work for your body.
- Here is a list of the types of materials you can order: Premium Eco-Wool (the batting in all of our products), Woolley Down "Puffs", Wool Fabric (Moisture Barrier), Organic Cotton Sateen, Organic Cotton Twill, Organic Cotton Flannel, and Happy Lamb Fleece. We also have small samples of the latex itself that is used in our latex mattresses.
- All Wool Mattress Sensitivity Kit includes Premium Eco-Wool Batting and Premium Eco-Wool woven fabric encasment, each individually wrapped.
- If you are interested in any of these items, please send us an email inquiry or give a call at 888-359-1362 Monday - Friday 9-5 PST

Our Layaway Program

Here are the basic terms to be agreed upon before we put a mattress on layaway:

- 15% down payment required

- No adjustments or cancellations to your order once the first payment is processed.

- If you decide to cancel after the first payment has been made, any payments made to date will be forfeited.

- You will have up to 6 months to make regular payments.

- After the final payment has been made your item will ship.

Warranty Information & Care Instructions

Warranties vary per mattress type. For the official warranty document from the manufacturer, please refer to the documents below. You will also find care instructions for each mattress. If you have any questions regarding warranty information, please give our office a call 888-359-1362. If you are having any issue with your mattress, please let us know immediately so that we can assist you.

Spring & Latex Mattress Care Instructions (coming soon... thank you for your patience. Please contact our office in the meantime.)

Spring, Latex & Foundation Warranty
Spring & Latex Care Instructions

All Wool Mattress Warranty
All Wool Mattress Care Instructions

Exchanges/ Returns/ Mattress Policies

Mattress Policies

Proper Mattress Support

- All of our mattresses need to be placed on a rigid, ventilated flat surface to accomplish 2 goals: proper support and adequate ventilation.
- Failure to provide both adequate ventilation as well as proper support can render the warranty void.
- Breathability: We recommend that all of our mattresses be placed on a breathable surface and NOT on a solid platform frame (or on the floor!) which will NOT provide enough airflow (unless you live in a very dry climate).
- Support: All of the mattresses will need proper support. Support the mattress so that it can support your body. If the mattress is not properly supported you will experience sagging and possible structural damage to the mattress. See the information below on how to support your mattress.
-CRIB mattresses should be put on slatted frames- not on cribs with springs as the supportive base. We also do not recommend solid platform cribs which do not give the mattress a chance to breathe.

- We recommend 2 options: a slatted bedframe, or a wood foundation supported by an additional metal frame (for the best breathability).
- Metal Frames: Use a frame that supports the head, foot and sides. For Full - King sizes it must have a rigid center support and 5 legs (4 corners and 1 in middle). Regularly check all bolts, screws, legs, and castors to make sure they haven’t loosened. Use a wood foundation on top of a metal frame, then the mattress.
- Slatted Bed Frames:  Mattresses may be placed right on top of a slatted frame that has adequate support. An ideal slatted frame contains 17 slats for Queen & King Sizes and 15 slats for Twin & Full sizes. For Full - King sizes it must have a rigid center support that runs head to foot with at least three sturdy legs touching the floor.
- Wood Foundation Specs: If you use a wood foundation that is not from Holy Lamb Organics then make sure it has at least 17 slats for Queen & King Sizes and 15 slats for Twin & Full sizes. Also note that using a foundation that is not from Holy Lamb Organics will render the flammability test void.  
- Some customers will take a metal frame, add slats to the frame, and put the mattress right on top of that. That is fine as long as you follow the specs above and add a rigid center support that runs head to foot for Full - King sizes.
- If the wood on your bed frame is unfinished, we recommend placing a wool Moisture Barrier over the frame before placing the mattress. This will reduce wear on the mattress cover and impede the transfer of splinters.
- Box Springs: We do not currently offer an organic box spring- though we have in the past. If you use a box spring remember that it will add some softness to your mattress as it is a spring coil unit which has some give. A box spring will need to be supported by a metal frame with a rigid center support for Full - King sizes. Also note that using a box spring that is not from Holy Lamb Organics will render the flammability test void.

- This mattress is designed specifically for use with a slatted bed frame so that the wool mattress can breath and release moisture. Any slatted bedframe or futon frame will do, however, the California Beauty bedframe is specifically designed for this mattress and shows it off quite nicely. In general, slats must be approx. 1 1/2" apart (no more than 2") and the slats themselves approx. 2" wide.

About Our Latex

Latex is a milky fluid found in many plants. Mattress grade latex comes from the sap of Hevea Brasiliensis, a tropical rubber tree that grows in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. Rubber trees can be tapped for latex for approximately 32 years. When processed, natural latex is a white milky fluid which is a stable dispersion of rubber particles in water.

How Dunlop Latex is Made

Ingredients for making natural latex rubber are: latex in milky fluid form, soaps, vulcanization agents, and compressed air. These ingredients are put into a continuous foamer to be mixed which is then poured into a mould. The mould is put into a vulcanization oven and steamed at 100ºC or 212ºF. The latex piece that comes out of the oven is washed and dried.

Understanding Firmness Levels of Dunlop Latex

D Ratings & ILD: Latex Firmness Levels available are as follows:
- Soft, D60-65, 25-29 ILD
- Medium, D75-D80, 30-34 ILD
- Firm, D80-D85, 35-40f ILD

Density: D Rating
Density by definition is mass per unit volume; in terms of latex, a soft mattress compared to a firm mattress in the same size will have less material in it. A rating of D70 signifies a density of 70-75kg.

Foam Firmness: ILD Rating

ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) is a standard for measuring foam firmness and measures the foam’s resistance against pressure. The test compresses the latex foam 25% compared to its original thickness to test for comfort. It then compresses the latex foam 65% to its original thickness to test for support. Finally, the latex foam is compressed 25% once again to confirm resiliency. The test is performed by placing a round disc measuring fifty square inches in diameter on a block of latex foam. The disc is then forced down into the foam block until the foam has been compacted down to 25% of its original thickness. A measurement in pounds is taken of force that is required to compress the piece of latex foam. This measurement, the number of pounds required to compress the foam becomes the ILD value. The more a piece of latex foam is able to resist against pressure, the firmer it will be.

IFD (Indention Force Deflection) is a new term for ILD and the two terms can be used interchangeably. When the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) decided that the metric system would be used in all of their publications and test methods in the late 70’s, they decided to use the word force rather than load, and ILD became known as IFD.

Custom Sizing

The All Wool Mattress can be ordered in custom sizes. Please email the desired sizes and we will get back to you with a quote and lead time. At this time, Spring & Latex mattresses are not available for custom sizing.