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Why an All Wool Mattress? This incredible mattress made with 100% wool. Yes folks, that is the only ingredient. If you love wool as much as we do, then this is your ultimate mattress. If you prefer simplicity, then you will like knowing that there is only 1 ingredient in this mattress: 100% wool. Oh, there is actually one other thing: definitely love. These mattresses are truly made by hand from a second generation of mattress makers. This mattress is most comparable to a cotton futon. However, do not be fooled. While it is most easily compared to a cotton futon it behaves nothing like one. It provides firm support yet is soft and supple (unlike rock hard cotton futons). While there is a very small amount of "nesting" it is nothing like deep depressions of a cotton futon. Also, it is completely fire retardant due to the natural flame retardant abilities of wool, which is also unlike a traditional cotton futon which by law must contain fire retardant chemicals.


Core: Made with your choice of either 4 or 5 inches of pure Eco-Wool batting.

Encasement: 100% organic woven wool textile.

Mattress Height:
Choose a 4" or 5" mattress.

Mattress Feel:
These mattresses are considered to have a Firm rating in both the 4" and 5" thicknesses. You can adjust the firmness rating by adding layers to the mattress in the form of mattress toppers.

Layering Systems: The All Wool Mattress is well suited for a layered mattress system. For some people, the 4" or 5" All Wool Mattress is all they need. Other people prefer a multi-layered system in the form of mattress toppers to acheive their ultimate comfort.

Bed Frames/Breathability: This mattress is designed specifically for use with a slatted bed frame so that the wool can breath. Any slatted bedframe or futon frame will do, however, the California Beauty bedframe is specifically designed for this mattress and shows it off quite nicely. In general, slats must be approx. 1 1/2" apart (no more than 2") and the slats themselves approx. 2" wide.

Order A Sample: Unsure whether this mattress is right for you? Order a sample of this mattress or one of our Sensitivity Kits to see if the materails we use are right for you.

Warranty: Guaranteed against defects. Mattresses are non-returnable. Please see warranty for specific details.

Naturally Fire Retardant: The wool that surrounds all of our mattresses makes them naturally fire retardant and enables the mattresses to pass all of the fire tests. No fire retardant chemicals are ever used in any of our mattresses.

Shipping: FREE if the mattress is delivered to our showroom at Holy Lamb Organics in Oakville, WA. If you are out of the area or prefer it delivered directly to your doorstep there is a flat fee of $200 ($50 for crib size).

Ships From: Northern California

Lead Time: 3-4 weeks, exact lead time provided at the time of order

Manufacturing Locations: Eco-Wool (grown OR, milled Northern CA) core, encasement and assembly in Northern California. More information about our certifications .

Visit Our Showroom:
We invite you to visit our showroom open Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm, located in Oakville, WA between Portland and Olympia in Washington. Only 12 miles from I-5. For directions and a list of which mattresses are currently on display in our showroom see information & directions.

Organic Bed Pillows

Manufactured on a tatami mat as shown in picture, however it is intended to use this type of mattress on a slatted bed frame.
Mattress Size:
Mattress Size:
How would you like us to ship?

See a list of ALL your mattress options, prices & specs: Mattress Comparison Chart
These mattresses are listed in order of price.

Add a Mattress Topper

The way to change the "feel" of an All Wool Mattress is by adding a topper thus creating a layered mattress system. While the main support is the All Wool Mattress, adding comfort layers allows you to dial in the proper feel for your body. These comfort layers can be added at any time. One of the benefits of the All Wool Mattress is that it is made to have a manageable thickness so that you can always move it (to air it out, to flip and rotate it) without having to call in a team of people to help you. The added layers are also thin enough that you can move them with ease.
- Intended for use on top of the mattress. - The latex toppers can be used either on top of the mattress or beneith the mattress depending on your preference. 

California Beauty

We recommend our California Beauty Bedframe which is specifically designed for the All-Wool Mattress.
However, you can use any slatted bedframe as long as the slats are approximately 1-1/2" apart (no more than 2")
and the slats themselves are approximately 2" wide.


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